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Lawn Maintenance:

We provide a season long service from April thru November mowing on a weekly or as needed basis to provide a clean healthy appearance to your lawn. Patterns of cut are rotated each week to create a checker board look and to limit ruts from forming. Fall service will include clean-up of leaves from lawn and bed areas.

Weekly or as needed weeding of flower beds can also be added as a standard addition to your maintenance program.

Trees and Shrubs:

Pruning is available for all shrubs, small ornamental trees, and perennials. We can provide dormant pruning during Winter to decrease the size of overgrown shrubs and trees and create a younger, healthier looking landscape without installing new plants. During the growing season we will only prune plants during the proper times of the season to insure proper flowering and growth. Fall gives us the time of year to cut back all perennials prior to Winter.

Bed Maintenance:

We provide edging of flower beds to create a well defined crisp edge that will highlight the shape of your beds. Mulching service is available along with color options to the mulch (brown, black, red).

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